Our Hero Slobberdog!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Kdish-doof doof! I call Slobberdog M-E-T-R-O-D-O-G just for today because he’s like a Superhero to all of us. Like if someone (a robber or something) comes to TLC to do harm, he always comes to attack them.  Then we all yell at him ... "SLOBBERDOG STOP T-H-A-T! ... but secretly we are giggling because we know that even if this person LOOKS good, he's probably a baddie on the inside!


Sis, Kieran.  That's a bit mean.  What about poor Roseta.  He always wanted to bite her and she was like 80 years old and never harmed a soul.  Don't tell people we don't care when he scares them.  That's just like ... well, it's like Slobberdog's a trained villain.  Scary like ... HAW-HAW-HAW!  But he's not actually.  He's just a dog ... who doesn't always understand things.  Like WHY does he go for people who wear beanies?  Makes no sense.


Well, Jesse is wrong because Metrodog will always be my hero! There’s this movie called MEGAMIND. Ya, and Metroman saves the day when Megamind comes to do evil things.  But Metroman was DEAD to everyone, but he was actually hiding in the old Shoolhouse. When he was like, young, he went to ... like a school but they called it a shool and he was always the odd one out. The screw up. The black sheep. Shame!  I’m lucky I'm not the black sheep in my family.  How do you know that Jess?  How can you say that for sure-sure?  What if you are?

Kieran are you crazy?  How can you say that?   Right here in front of Mommy and everything.  You need a knuckle on the head, bro ... and you'll get one too ... now carry on with your stuff ... you are getting on my nerves now.

Okay, I was only joking, Jesse.  You know we are twins, hey?  So if you are half a black sheep, then I am the other half.  So that means I have to be joking, right?  Well, anyway, to get back to Metrodog.  These people called Metroman Mr. Goody-two-shoes because he’s like, GOODLike with awesome hair.  He fills their affects with deliciousness.  So I will too, make this poppered corn.  Oh come on Kieran, you are like saying the movie, word for word.  I know.  Do want me to do more?  No!

No!  So now its my turn.  And I want to say this ... I’m so happy. My birthday is coming up soon. This is going to be such an exciting day. The four presents that I really want from my Mom is HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART ONE, Narnia Number 1 and 2. And something that I am so desperate for. Oh, I forgot what it is now! LOL. ..... Uhmmmmm?

Speak up man!

No!  I really don’t remember. I’ll have to think about it.

I want to talk about SuperSlobberdogBlog. That’s for Slobberdog.  (Metrodog is much better!) Slobberdog’s powers are his saliva ... with which swots people in the face eeeeew!  His sharp teeth are like bear’s teeth and his farts is so deadly if you smell it, you will probably die. And his awesomeness is his gorgeous, loveable face! And that’s my opinion of Slobberdog’s Superpowers!

Last night we were playing a game – a scary game, called the Song of Death. We are only halfway through. But it is one of the scariest games ever. But not scarier than the Hook Man. Hooh! Golly that game just scares me out! So I hope we can play that game today sometime if Pippa has time.

By the way, you see, we were very late to do our blog because Pippa went to Germany and Denmark and Mom was alone and it was hard for her. So she was alone here with us with Mother’s Day when we wanted to wish all the Mothers on this Blog Happy Mother’s Day! I was very sad that Mommy had mother’s day alone without Pippa because she wasn’t there. But she’s back now so everything is fun again and she brought the games with her ... so that’s why we are playing them and they are great fun.

They are like DVD Games put Pippa projects them on the wall and then we can all have a say on what to do and she controls everything.  It's really cool.  We all love it.  Last night we only got to bed at 11 o'clock!

Well, when I go out for my birthday I am going cry in front of my Mom because there are so many things I want ... and want to do. Like I want to go to The Boma Restaurant, or the movies to watch Pirates of the Carribean 4.  But it’s all so complicated ...

Don't use that word, Kieran!  Why not?  Because it's an adult word, and I don't like it.  It freaks me out!  WHAT?

Ok then.  The best presents that I would like is Harry Potter 7 (The Game). Spiderwick Chronicals, the movie. An electric guitar, maybe.  Did we already tell you that Aunty Lynn and Papa Ron bought Tommy this GREAT drum set.  He can play them already.  But Amy plays them better.  Even Tommy admits that.

Tommy playing his drums!

We went to see the movie, RIO with Fiona. It was such ... well, the best movie ever. I think we would see very few movies if it wasn't for Fiona.  Well, Jesse ... everyone was teasing him. They made him very angry.

Yes, because they were calling me Jessi – CAH!!! And I hate that ... I wanted to tease them back but I know that’s not the right thing to do.  I don't know why people would want to do that when they know it drives people crazy.  C-R-A-Z-Y!  ... I-T ... D-R-I-V-E-S ... M-E ... C-R-A-Z-Z-Y!!

Well anyway I'm not talking about that anymore!  Yadedadedadedah!  I would like to say hello to ... Lizzy Simon and them. How are you all doing? I miss you all so much. I hope I see you again, Lizzy because every day I think of you. Love you lots, Jesse.

Travaughna thank you again for the lovely Christmas presents especially the Canadian T-shirt. It’s a bit big but when summer comes it will fit me for sure.

My turn! Hi Anne. Thanks about the Pilgrim’s Progress news. It was such a great thing to hear that. I never thought that you would get to watch it, and we even thought maybe we should send you ours.  But I just love it too much.  The thought of sending it all the way across the sea?  Oh no!  I just couldn't.  Sorry Anne.  But that's okay cause now you have it, right?  You wrote in your e-mail that you would send a DVD or something. What is it called? I am so interested to know because when you are a farmboy like me, you just love all that stuff like movies and DVD's.

You know what everybody?  I went to the heart doctor last week and it was such fun. He is a really cool doctor and he said he was going to read my blog. His name is Dr. Harrisberg.  Maybe he won't really read my blog, but it made me happy that he said that!  The Doctor said I am doing great. I grew 4 cms and I put on 2 Kgs.  He thinks its very good that I am doing homeschooling now. He looked at my heart on his scan machine for a long time - like hours, it felt like.  And he thought it’s amazing. I think he was amazed that I am still alive with my heart.

Well, there’s this new teacher called Carol that is helping me with my homeschooling. She is the best teacher ever and she tells me stuff that I can understand in my own head and so I do well. You know sometimes teachers teach you stuff but it stays in their heads ... it doesn't transform into your own head.  After she taught me my maths, I got 100% and so did Benjamin! Now THAT’s a good teacher!  I keep meaning to ask Mom to take a picture of her for the blog, but I always forget.

She also spoils us quite a lot and takes us for ice-creams and interesting places. She even took us to MacDonalds. It was so great. I just LOVE CAROL TOO MUCH! She is the wind beneath my heart! LOL (But actually my Mom is mostly.) But I love George too ... hey ... he’s like the greatest man I have ever known and I am so lucky that he is my teacher. I never, ever ever want him to go! Plus ... at the end of the year or something, George is going to take Benjamin and I out to the movies.

And on the 1st July, Harry Potter Part 2 is coming in the Movies. It is going to be awesome. I feel sure I am going to see it, but maybe I won’t ... I don’t know yet.

And I have this great news about my big brother, Crispin. Yesterday his school team (Parktown) played Rugby against St. Davids again and they beat them ... 29 – 0!  Isn’t that shocking?  LOL. I think that's what's called a hollow beating.  I was so surprised and so proud of my brother.  He's the best.  Like our champion!  He says he's not trying to be ugly to St. David's anymore now.  He knows Parktown can beat them.  He's not cross about that stuff anymore because they wouldn't let him go to their school and stuff.  He says he must respect St. David's because it's Joshua and Reuel's school ... and we must also respect it.  So yeah ... we will.  Anyway, thank goodness I never ever have to go to one of those schools.

Crispin in his blue boots!  GO BRO!  GO!

Okay, now I remember, the other movie I want is Prince of Persia it is a very good movie and I like it very much. In November, I might go and see the next TWILIGHT movie. And you should know this ... my friend, Alison, said she couldn’t believe that we watched Twilight, because she hates it and thinks its evil. She only watched it because her friend forced her watch to it. Well, I think Alison is wrong ... ALISON .. YOU ARE WRONG! Twilight is not evil.

The next Twilight is called BREAKING DAWN. Wow!  LISTEN to those words ... its like the DAWN is making a loud sound.  It’s going to be so cool. I really want to get this movie because I already have the other three. And I also want to get all the Harry Potters, all the way up.



My Mom adores Christian. His name used to be Chance. And the funny thing his, my Mom gave him that name when he was born. But then it turned out he could not be adopted and so Pippa adopted him, and when she did ~ Pippa and Mom wanted to change his name because they didn’t think that Chance was a good, strong name. But his second name is Christian (actually ALL our second names are Christian). So we all started to call him Christian instead of Chance.

He was SO HAPPY when they started to call him Christian. The very minute they told him his name was Christian now he went around and told everybody “My name is Christian now. Don’t call me Chance anymore.” And if you forgot and called him Chance by mistake, he would get very cross and say “Stop calling me Chance. My name is Christian!”

Christian had to have 4 stitches after falling next to the pool!
Then just before Pippa actually adopted him he had to get a new birth certificate and Pippa asked him if he wanted to keep the names Chance Christian and he said no, he didn’t like the Chance part. He just wanted the Christian part. So Pippa told him if he wanted to he could still choose ANOTHER name instead of Chance. So he told her he wanted the name David. So now he name is actually DAVID CHRISTIAN. But we are calling him Christian. And hardly anybody still calls him Chance nowadays because he gets upset when you do.

Christian when he was younger
My Mom loves Christian so much because she says he has an amazing spirit (but he’s actually very naughty). But not ugly naughty ... just like mischievous, silly naughty. When Pippa shouts and him for doing naughty stuff you can see my Mom has this twinkle in her eyes and she just wants to laugh. And sometimes Pippa ... she like keeps her lips together and mumbles to Mom quietly ... and she says ... “Don’t you DARE laugh!” and then my Mom makes a very cross and serious face for a short time and sometimes she has to leave the room.

Christian has the greatest laugh and the most amazing smile. You just can’t be cross with him when he smiles at you after he’s done a mean thing. I can understand why Mommy thinks it’s hard to stay cross with him. I wonder what’s going to happen next year when he starts school. Ooooh boy! I hope he doesn’t get Mrs. Proudfoot. He’s going to get that smile wiped right off his chubby little face.  Hmm-hmmm ... that’s so true!  He’d better watch himself. Or maybe he will get Ms. Schlebush. She’s sweet and kind and remember what a miracle she did with Theresa. Theresa was also very naughty in the beginning but Mrs. Schlebush was sweet and kind and she still got Theresa to be good in the end.

I think it would have been great if Mom could have adopted Christian and he could have been our very own brother.  No man Kieran Mommy’s too old to adopt anymore kids.  No she’s not! Yes, Kieran. If she adopted Christian she’d be like nearly 80 when he’s 20. That’s disgusting! What guy wants a Mom who’s that old? It’s like having an ancient, wrinkled up granny. Anyway, we all live together. We are all like brothers in any case. It doesn’t matter that he’s not our brother for real-real. Oh ya. I guess. But Jesse you know what? You can be really rude about Mommy sometimes. You shouldn’t call her a wrinkled up granny and stuff like that. That’s not nice.  WHAT? Have your lights gone out up here in your brain, Kieran? I said WHEN SHE IS 80 she will be a wrinkled up granny. WHEN YOU ARE 80 Kieran YOU will be a wrinkled up Grandpa. And so will I. I didn’t say she’s a wrinkled up granny right NOW! 


"Well Hello Solly!"


Listen up folks!   THE BOSS IS BACK!

Okay Jesse shoosh now. Just let say our stuff so we can get done.  ... So then I just want to tell you this last bit of news that was the best thing that ever happened here at TLC.  Guess what?  Similo and Nadia came back.  They didn't like to stay with that other aunty and Nadia performed so much the aunty called Pippa and asked her to fetch them straight away.  So Pippa did!  She jumped in her car and raced off to Soweto and brought them home.  And we were all waiting for them.  Waiting and waiting very impatiently.  And then they suddenly arrived and EVERYBODY in the whole house was howling we were all so happy to have them back.  The volunters, the staff, the kids, my Mom ... everybody was howling.  And Nadia was wailing so loud like a lost sheep or goat or something.  So Mom says ... now they are staying.  No matter what.  She will never allow such a thing to happen to them again.  I do hope she is telling the truth.  Yeah ... none of this complicated stuff!

Pippa - tears of joy, and Similo





  1. Hi boys great blog again, first of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY on 27th, have a great day, I wonder if your Mom likes Tommy's drums, does he have them in the house? wow! noisy noisy!! Crispin looks very fit, love his blue boots very different, what is the young ones expression cool!! I was soooo glad to hear Nacia &Similo were back not too sure if they were there when I was, but it was great news anyway, I had tears in my eyes when I read, what rejoicing at tlc when they returned. About the dvd, I managed to get it, it is called 'End of the spear' a true story, I think it was 3 decades ago 5 missionaries went out to the Amazon jungle to tell these tribes ( can't remember the name) & preached the gospel, sadly they were all killed, your Mom may have read the book that Jim Elliot's wife wrote,' through gates of splendour' well this is about the son of one of the other missionaries, who goes out to the amazon jungle to meet this tribe, he actually meeting the chief of the tribe who killed his father, it is sad but also happy, as Nate Saint could actually forgive this man for killing his Dad, will not say more, When you get the dvd look at 'behind the scenes' that is amazing! I did find it a bit violent as the tribe uses the spear for everything, I will email your Mom when I have mailed it.
    love from a very wet windy Scotland

    Anne xxxx

  2. you have no idea how much I miss you boys and your antics... and hugs!
    I am nominating you for the "Kreativ Blogger Award"
    Check out

    I am waiting for more news from you both!