Our Hero Slobberdog!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Kdish-doof doof! I call Slobberdog M-E-T-R-O-D-O-G just for today because he’s like a Superhero to all of us. Like if someone (a robber or something) comes to TLC to do harm, he always comes to attack them.  Then we all yell at him ... "SLOBBERDOG STOP T-H-A-T! ... but secretly we are giggling because we know that even if this person LOOKS good, he's probably a baddie on the inside!


Sis, Kieran.  That's a bit mean.  What about poor Roseta.  He always wanted to bite her and she was like 80 years old and never harmed a soul.  Don't tell people we don't care when he scares them.  That's just like ... well, it's like Slobberdog's a trained villain.  Scary like ... HAW-HAW-HAW!  But he's not actually.  He's just a dog ... who doesn't always understand things.  Like WHY does he go for people who wear beanies?  Makes no sense.


Well, Jesse is wrong because Metrodog will always be my hero! There’s this movie called MEGAMIND. Ya, and Metroman saves the day when Megamind comes to do evil things.  But Metroman was DEAD to everyone, but he was actually hiding in the old Shoolhouse. When he was like, young, he went to ... like a school but they called it a shool and he was always the odd one out. The screw up. The black sheep. Shame!  I’m lucky I'm not the black sheep in my family.  How do you know that Jess?  How can you say that for sure-sure?  What if you are?

Kieran are you crazy?  How can you say that?   Right here in front of Mommy and everything.  You need a knuckle on the head, bro ... and you'll get one too ... now carry on with your stuff ... you are getting on my nerves now.

Okay, I was only joking, Jesse.  You know we are twins, hey?  So if you are half a black sheep, then I am the other half.  So that means I have to be joking, right?  Well, anyway, to get back to Metrodog.  These people called Metroman Mr. Goody-two-shoes because he’s like, GOODLike with awesome hair.  He fills their affects with deliciousness.  So I will too, make this poppered corn.  Oh come on Kieran, you are like saying the movie, word for word.  I know.  Do want me to do more?  No!

No!  So now its my turn.  And I want to say this ... I’m so happy. My birthday is coming up soon. This is going to be such an exciting day. The four presents that I really want from my Mom is HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART ONE, Narnia Number 1 and 2. And something that I am so desperate for. Oh, I forgot what it is now! LOL. ..... Uhmmmmm?

Speak up man!

No!  I really don’t remember. I’ll have to think about it.

I want to talk about SuperSlobberdogBlog. That’s for Slobberdog.  (Metrodog is much better!) Slobberdog’s powers are his saliva ... with which swots people in the face eeeeew!  His sharp teeth are like bear’s teeth and his farts is so deadly if you smell it, you will probably die. And his awesomeness is his gorgeous, loveable face! And that’s my opinion of Slobberdog’s Superpowers!

Last night we were playing a game – a scary game, called the Song of Death. We are only halfway through. But it is one of the scariest games ever. But not scarier than the Hook Man. Hooh! Golly that game just scares me out! So I hope we can play that game today sometime if Pippa has time.

By the way, you see, we were very late to do our blog because Pippa went to Germany and Denmark and Mom was alone and it was hard for her. So she was alone here with us with Mother’s Day when we wanted to wish all the Mothers on this Blog Happy Mother’s Day! I was very sad that Mommy had mother’s day alone without Pippa because she wasn’t there. But she’s back now so everything is fun again and she brought the games with her ... so that’s why we are playing them and they are great fun.

They are like DVD Games put Pippa projects them on the wall and then we can all have a say on what to do and she controls everything.  It's really cool.  We all love it.  Last night we only got to bed at 11 o'clock!

Well, when I go out for my birthday I am going cry in front of my Mom because there are so many things I want ... and want to do. Like I want to go to The Boma Restaurant, or the movies to watch Pirates of the Carribean 4.  But it’s all so complicated ...

Don't use that word, Kieran!  Why not?  Because it's an adult word, and I don't like it.  It freaks me out!  WHAT?

Ok then.  The best presents that I would like is Harry Potter 7 (The Game). Spiderwick Chronicals, the movie. An electric guitar, maybe.  Did we already tell you that Aunty Lynn and Papa Ron bought Tommy this GREAT drum set.  He can play them already.  But Amy plays them better.  Even Tommy admits that.

Tommy playing his drums!

We went to see the movie, RIO with Fiona. It was such ... well, the best movie ever. I think we would see very few movies if it wasn't for Fiona.  Well, Jesse ... everyone was teasing him. They made him very angry.

Yes, because they were calling me Jessi – CAH!!! And I hate that ... I wanted to tease them back but I know that’s not the right thing to do.  I don't know why people would want to do that when they know it drives people crazy.  C-R-A-Z-Y!  ... I-T ... D-R-I-V-E-S ... M-E ... C-R-A-Z-Z-Y!!

Well anyway I'm not talking about that anymore!  Yadedadedadedah!  I would like to say hello to ... Lizzy Simon and them. How are you all doing? I miss you all so much. I hope I see you again, Lizzy because every day I think of you. Love you lots, Jesse.

Travaughna thank you again for the lovely Christmas presents especially the Canadian T-shirt. It’s a bit big but when summer comes it will fit me for sure.

My turn! Hi Anne. Thanks about the Pilgrim’s Progress news. It was such a great thing to hear that. I never thought that you would get to watch it, and we even thought maybe we should send you ours.  But I just love it too much.  The thought of sending it all the way across the sea?  Oh no!  I just couldn't.  Sorry Anne.  But that's okay cause now you have it, right?  You wrote in your e-mail that you would send a DVD or something. What is it called? I am so interested to know because when you are a farmboy like me, you just love all that stuff like movies and DVD's.

You know what everybody?  I went to the heart doctor last week and it was such fun. He is a really cool doctor and he said he was going to read my blog. His name is Dr. Harrisberg.  Maybe he won't really read my blog, but it made me happy that he said that!  The Doctor said I am doing great. I grew 4 cms and I put on 2 Kgs.  He thinks its very good that I am doing homeschooling now. He looked at my heart on his scan machine for a long time - like hours, it felt like.  And he thought it’s amazing. I think he was amazed that I am still alive with my heart.

Well, there’s this new teacher called Carol that is helping me with my homeschooling. She is the best teacher ever and she tells me stuff that I can understand in my own head and so I do well. You know sometimes teachers teach you stuff but it stays in their heads ... it doesn't transform into your own head.  After she taught me my maths, I got 100% and so did Benjamin! Now THAT’s a good teacher!  I keep meaning to ask Mom to take a picture of her for the blog, but I always forget.

She also spoils us quite a lot and takes us for ice-creams and interesting places. She even took us to MacDonalds. It was so great. I just LOVE CAROL TOO MUCH! She is the wind beneath my heart! LOL (But actually my Mom is mostly.) But I love George too ... hey ... he’s like the greatest man I have ever known and I am so lucky that he is my teacher. I never, ever ever want him to go! Plus ... at the end of the year or something, George is going to take Benjamin and I out to the movies.

And on the 1st July, Harry Potter Part 2 is coming in the Movies. It is going to be awesome. I feel sure I am going to see it, but maybe I won’t ... I don’t know yet.

And I have this great news about my big brother, Crispin. Yesterday his school team (Parktown) played Rugby against St. Davids again and they beat them ... 29 – 0!  Isn’t that shocking?  LOL. I think that's what's called a hollow beating.  I was so surprised and so proud of my brother.  He's the best.  Like our champion!  He says he's not trying to be ugly to St. David's anymore now.  He knows Parktown can beat them.  He's not cross about that stuff anymore because they wouldn't let him go to their school and stuff.  He says he must respect St. David's because it's Joshua and Reuel's school ... and we must also respect it.  So yeah ... we will.  Anyway, thank goodness I never ever have to go to one of those schools.

Crispin in his blue boots!  GO BRO!  GO!

Okay, now I remember, the other movie I want is Prince of Persia it is a very good movie and I like it very much. In November, I might go and see the next TWILIGHT movie. And you should know this ... my friend, Alison, said she couldn’t believe that we watched Twilight, because she hates it and thinks its evil. She only watched it because her friend forced her watch to it. Well, I think Alison is wrong ... ALISON .. YOU ARE WRONG! Twilight is not evil.

The next Twilight is called BREAKING DAWN. Wow!  LISTEN to those words ... its like the DAWN is making a loud sound.  It’s going to be so cool. I really want to get this movie because I already have the other three. And I also want to get all the Harry Potters, all the way up.



My Mom adores Christian. His name used to be Chance. And the funny thing his, my Mom gave him that name when he was born. But then it turned out he could not be adopted and so Pippa adopted him, and when she did ~ Pippa and Mom wanted to change his name because they didn’t think that Chance was a good, strong name. But his second name is Christian (actually ALL our second names are Christian). So we all started to call him Christian instead of Chance.

He was SO HAPPY when they started to call him Christian. The very minute they told him his name was Christian now he went around and told everybody “My name is Christian now. Don’t call me Chance anymore.” And if you forgot and called him Chance by mistake, he would get very cross and say “Stop calling me Chance. My name is Christian!”

Christian had to have 4 stitches after falling next to the pool!
Then just before Pippa actually adopted him he had to get a new birth certificate and Pippa asked him if he wanted to keep the names Chance Christian and he said no, he didn’t like the Chance part. He just wanted the Christian part. So Pippa told him if he wanted to he could still choose ANOTHER name instead of Chance. So he told her he wanted the name David. So now he name is actually DAVID CHRISTIAN. But we are calling him Christian. And hardly anybody still calls him Chance nowadays because he gets upset when you do.

Christian when he was younger
My Mom loves Christian so much because she says he has an amazing spirit (but he’s actually very naughty). But not ugly naughty ... just like mischievous, silly naughty. When Pippa shouts and him for doing naughty stuff you can see my Mom has this twinkle in her eyes and she just wants to laugh. And sometimes Pippa ... she like keeps her lips together and mumbles to Mom quietly ... and she says ... “Don’t you DARE laugh!” and then my Mom makes a very cross and serious face for a short time and sometimes she has to leave the room.

Christian has the greatest laugh and the most amazing smile. You just can’t be cross with him when he smiles at you after he’s done a mean thing. I can understand why Mommy thinks it’s hard to stay cross with him. I wonder what’s going to happen next year when he starts school. Ooooh boy! I hope he doesn’t get Mrs. Proudfoot. He’s going to get that smile wiped right off his chubby little face.  Hmm-hmmm ... that’s so true!  He’d better watch himself. Or maybe he will get Ms. Schlebush. She’s sweet and kind and remember what a miracle she did with Theresa. Theresa was also very naughty in the beginning but Mrs. Schlebush was sweet and kind and she still got Theresa to be good in the end.

I think it would have been great if Mom could have adopted Christian and he could have been our very own brother.  No man Kieran Mommy’s too old to adopt anymore kids.  No she’s not! Yes, Kieran. If she adopted Christian she’d be like nearly 80 when he’s 20. That’s disgusting! What guy wants a Mom who’s that old? It’s like having an ancient, wrinkled up granny. Anyway, we all live together. We are all like brothers in any case. It doesn’t matter that he’s not our brother for real-real. Oh ya. I guess. But Jesse you know what? You can be really rude about Mommy sometimes. You shouldn’t call her a wrinkled up granny and stuff like that. That’s not nice.  WHAT? Have your lights gone out up here in your brain, Kieran? I said WHEN SHE IS 80 she will be a wrinkled up granny. WHEN YOU ARE 80 Kieran YOU will be a wrinkled up Grandpa. And so will I. I didn’t say she’s a wrinkled up granny right NOW! 


"Well Hello Solly!"


Listen up folks!   THE BOSS IS BACK!

Okay Jesse shoosh now. Just let say our stuff so we can get done.  ... So then I just want to tell you this last bit of news that was the best thing that ever happened here at TLC.  Guess what?  Similo and Nadia came back.  They didn't like to stay with that other aunty and Nadia performed so much the aunty called Pippa and asked her to fetch them straight away.  So Pippa did!  She jumped in her car and raced off to Soweto and brought them home.  And we were all waiting for them.  Waiting and waiting very impatiently.  And then they suddenly arrived and EVERYBODY in the whole house was howling we were all so happy to have them back.  The volunters, the staff, the kids, my Mom ... everybody was howling.  And Nadia was wailing so loud like a lost sheep or goat or something.  So Mom says ... now they are staying.  No matter what.  She will never allow such a thing to happen to them again.  I do hope she is telling the truth.  Yeah ... none of this complicated stuff!

Pippa - tears of joy, and Similo




Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hello Everybody!

I want to talk about Easter today. Easter is coming up and it is the day when Jesus was crucified, died and was buried and on then on the third day he went to hell and after he freed all the people down there, (especially Judas, Adam and Eve and all the people who had sinned against him - that's why they were in hell - but they repented when they saw him). Then after that he ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of God of the Father.

My family and I are going to eat Hot Cross Buns to remember the cross that Jesus died on. Plus when we finished our Hot Cross Buns we go on our Easter Egg Hunt. We find them everywhere, all over the farm.

Our birthday’s coming up. We are turning 12 years old. We are very old! LOL!

And we watched this South African movie called LAUGH OUT LOUD ... that stands for LOL. That thing was so funny. It said that Aliens were going to come with a space ship ... and they were talking to this guy from the programme Carte Blanche ... I think his name is Bongani ... he is very serious and does serious programme. And he really believed these people who played the trick about the Aliens on him.  It was very funny and we all laughed a lot.

Hannah said that Jesse was so lovely and she wished she could take him out every single day.  She would have to take him to England in that case.  LOL!

And plus, what I wanted to tell you was that Jesse and I thought of a great new name for Slobberdog blog ... what about BLOGGER-SLOB!  LOL!  That's too funny for words!

Look at these pictures - they are so funny too ... Can you guess what this is?

Is it a hippopotumus?  Is it a shlurping giant octopus with teeth?


IT'S ....


Hello Everybody,  this is Jesse speaking!

I want to talk about going camping with my brothers, Erin, Carlton and me. It was a special camp.  Our friend, Fiona paid for us to go.  At first I thought it was going to be boring. But when I got there, I immediately made so many friends. Afrikaans, English, Zulu, Coloured. It was cool and we had a lot of fun. I am going to show you some pictures now:

First of all I want to tell you about the Snake Pit. It was muddy! Disgusting! We went through this tunnel and my friend, Daniel, threw pit mud (snake poo) in my eye. I was crying. Tear rolling down my cheeks. I went to the bathroom. Had to go back and start all over again. Got to where the Bumblebees were (that was my group). We went over the crocodile river with a rope (like George of the Jungle ... Aaaahwooooo!) Finally we got to the maze. I had no shoes on so I got pricked by thorns. Like those thick long thorns that they put on Jesus’ head! But I still carried on. Until we got the end, had a group ‘photo, showered, ate lunch and then we went to play some games.

This is me going through the Snake Pit
 We also did archery the next day. I confessed to my group. I said I have a confession to make. I am not good at archery. LOL. They said ... “Aaaah. It’s okay Jess.” I only shot two arrow onto the board and all the others missed completely. And I was competing with my friend, Daniel. I said “If I get all my arrows in, you have to give me an ice cream from the tuck shop.” And he said, “But if I win, YOU have to buy me biltong from the tuck shop.” And he won. So I had to buy him biltong which is a lot more expensive than ice cream. The worst part was that he I had to watch him eat that delicious biltong, which I paid for, and he did not even share one piece with me! So I called him a selfish old pig!  Maybe that was a bit rude, hey?

The next interesting thing we did was the low rope walking. If we got to the end, you would become an angel! What I mean by angel is you get to help the other people going on the rope because some of them were wiggly and scared. And I managed to become an angel without any help. It was a cool part. I helped many people, specially my friend, Kgosi. His legs were shaking and I had to help him. And eventually, my whole group became angels. And then we did our motto ... ‘BUMBLE BEES.’ And then at the end a real bumble bee came to me and I said “Guys, I am really scared of bees.” and so I ran away.

Then there was the snake. I think there was only one. But there were lots of animals. On the day we had the snake thing, I was having a nap.  I was so tired from all the stuff we were doing!  But then Graeme woke me up. He said “Jesse, come and have a photo with the snake. If you don’t you won’t get tuck shop.” So I ran and I was really scared because actually I don’t like snakes. I don’t even like our own snakes. But I conquered my fear and I managed to take a picture with the snake and it was cool.


On the last day we had to do a dorm inspection and after the dorm inspection which was good, Graeme took a picture of our whole cabin crew and it was cool because it is a special picture for me to look at and to remember my friends at Camp Nelu.

Tne last thing about roses and thorns. We had to say our things, mine, Carlton’s and Erins. Erin’s rose was coming here (to Camp Nelu). And his thorn was nothing. (wierd). Carlton’s rose was being a part of the Scorpions (which was his group). And his thorn was the snake pit. My thorn was us coming second because the Scorpions won and the Bumble Bees came second. And my rose was going home. And all the people were staring at me going ... “That’s not a nice thing!” But I just said ... “I wanna go home. I am very homesick.  And I miss my Mom!” And then all of them started saying ... “Me too! Me too! I wanna go home too!”

A few days ago we wanted to start our blog. We were thinking about what we should tell, and then Mom said let’s go and take some nice pictures of you guys with the new goats and calves. So we were very excited to do that and I went to put my shoes on, but Jesse said ... “No, no. I don’t need shoes!” And he wouldn’t put his shoes on.

But first of all I should tell you that I was the one who went to Bloemfontein with Rhys to go and get the big Daddy Goat. I call him Billy Goat Gruff because he is so big ... just like the big billy goat gruff story. But his real name is Zeus.  He is big, white and has a long white beard.

So we went outside. It was a lovely day. And first we tried to get near to the goats, but they just ran away. Then we tried to get near to the little calves, but they also ran away. Mom was saying, “Go quietly. Don’t run. Don’t yell!” But even so we couldn’t get near to them.

I got near enough to the nanny goats and the calves for Mom to snap a picture

Then Jesse went running off and he chased all of them into the veld piece where there are lots of black jacks. Black jacks are horribly thorny things that stick all over your clothes. Because Jesse didn’t have shoes on, they got in his feet and he was yelling for help. H got stuck there and he couldn’t move. He was just standing there looking pathetic.
Jesse in the black jacks looking pathetic
Jesse kept yelling!  "Kieran come and help me.  My feet are full of thorns.  Please come and help get me out of here Kieran or I will die here!"  I said  "You should have worn shoes you moegoe!"  But I did go and save him because he is my brother.  But it was hard work, him hanging on my shoulders through all those blackjacks.  But we kind of helped each other through.


But then just before we got all the way back, Jesse just gave an evil laugh and pulled away from me and left me right there in the black jacks.  So Mom had to come and give me a hand because I was all tied up in the black jacks.  What a mean, ungrateful brother!

Jesse just pulled away from me and ran off!
 We gave up on the goats and the calves because they were so fast and we really couldn’t get them to stop, and be nice so that we could take a lovely picture with all of them!
Then we walked past the sheep pen and the three sheep were standing there. They had been watching us chasing the goats and the calves and when I looked at them I thought that they were smiling at us. So Mom said, to Jesse ... “Well, because you didn’t manage to get a nice picture with the goats and the calves, why don’t we try all these old sheep. They know us because they are very old.” So Jesse said, “Good idea” and he jumped over the fence and the sheep nearly had a heart attack and started running away from him. Jesse kept yelling “Kieran, come and help me, man! Please man. Come and help me. It will be easier if there are two of us.” But I said no, because I was still cross because he left me after I helped him out of the blackjacks. And then he just ran off.
The old sheep  were smiling at us

The sheep were much too clever and fast for Jesse. They just ran around the sheep-pen in circles until Jesse was exhausted and he said ... Let’s take pictures of the guinea pigs rather!
The Old Sheep were much to quick for Jesse

I once rode on a sheep before. I really did. Nobody believes me because nobody took a picture, but I did. I promise! I acted like the sheep was a horse. I kicked it softly in the tummy and said ... "come on lets go!" ... and off it went. And we went. And I went Weehaa with a little stick. But I didn’t whip it. I’m serious but Mom says I’m fibbing. I’m going to show her after this ... hahahahaha!  I can't keep a straight face ... I just can't!

After Jesse came out of the sheep pen Crispin came to us on the bike. He said ... “What are you guys doing? Why are you chasing all the animals?” Jesse said that we wanted to take some nice pictures of us with the new baby animals. Crispin said ... but the old sheep are not baby animals. So Jesse said ... yes but we didn’t get any nice pictures with the baby animals, so we tried the old animals.  Then Crispin said it wasn’t so good for animals when they get chased. They get stressed.  We should stop. So we just walked off.

See that tree behind Crispin?  That tree is dead.  It died because once we had the pig-pen there and the pigs rubbed the bottom of the tree very hard and it made the tree die.
Crispin came along on the bike
Yes and Mom wants Rhys to cut that tree down because one day she saw some colourful stuff in that tree and when she looked properly she saw it was the lions!  (The big toddlers).  She was terrified because there were no men at home and no big kids.  So then Joanna came and she had to climb up the tree and bring them down, one by one. 

But wait! I wanted to tell you something really cool about Crispin, hey! You see he wanted to go to Joshua and Reuel’s school, St. Davids, really, really badly, hey.  But they wouldn’t take him because they said his work was not up to their standard. Mom was very sad about that. She wanted us all to go there because it’s a Catholic school and she thought that it would be very good for us boys.  She even cried for a while until Rhys got Crispin into Parktown Boys’ High School. Then she wiped her tears away and said ... well, she will have to start becoming a fan of Parktown’s now, because we are probably all going to go there from now on when the time comes for us to go to High School.

But Crispin wasn’t sad. Not at all. Because Rhys went to Parktown Boys’ High and so even though Crispin wanted to go to St. David’s at first, when they said that about him not being good enough, he thought it was a bit rude and he said he never wanted to go there now and he thinks Parktown is the best school in the whole, wide world.

Crispin is very, very good at rugby. And before he started at Parktown, he said to us one day, when all us boys were sitting in the kitchen, he said this: “I just want the chance to beat the hell out of St. David’s on the rugby field. That will be my revenge.” We all laughed. Even Mommy. She said ... “You go get’em my boy!”

So last week Crispin’s team played against St. David’s. And Crispin’s words came true. He did beat the hell out of them. They beat them 50-7!! How do you like that! He said he felt God’s power racing through him when he ran onto the rugby field. He said he knew he was going to beat them and he was on a mission. He says when those guys came towards him he tackled with no fear. He picked them up like little puppies and chucked them off the field.

Our Big BRO Crispin - On the Rugby Field at Parktown
Every time he saw his coach smiling and smiling on the side – and clapping. Imagine! Having your COACH clap you. Like you are David Beckham or somebody. That’s so cool. We are so proud of Crispin. He is not usually a fighter but he puts all his fighting spirit into his rugby. But it is a bit hard when two of your brothers are still at St. David’s.  It’s kind of awkward. But we have to cheer for Crispin now, because we know we will all be going to Parktown from now on. But when St. David’s plays another school that’s not Parktown I think we will cheer for them. After all, Joshua and Reuel are our brothers too. But Joshua and Reuel will only be at St. Davids this year and next year, so after that we can all do as we please. That’s all I have to say about that.

Well, I am still on my farm story. Then we went to the guinea-pig pen. We wanted to take pictures of the new baby guinea pigs. There is a cute one that Mom likes and she called it “Ginger”. There are lots of guinea pigs now. We wanted to catch a couple so that we could take pictures of us with them, but they just ran away as well. Dominique is very good at catching the guinea pigs, but we aren’t. So after chasing them around for about a half an hour, we just gave up and Mom took a picture of us with Dominique’s sign that says “Have a Happy Gini Pig!” Sign. (She doesn’t know how to spell Guinea – she is in a special school). Then we started going home.

In the Guinea Pig Pen
It was the saddest day on Friday. Similo and Nadia had to go to their aunty’s house forever. We all said goodbye to Similo and Nadia that morning and Similo took it like a man. He did not cry. I sent a letter to him saying “Have fun. And see you on your birthday." Because we hope we are going to see him on his birthday.

Similo following Crispin on the new little bike
He wanted Crispin to teach him to drift but he
had to learn to ride first.

But I don’t like it when our little brothers have to go. It makes me feel sick inside. It’s not like the babies who are happy to go to their new families. Similo is big already, like 5 or 6 and he knows us well and loves us and he’s really like one of our little brothers and we are like his big brothers.  I feel so sad when I see the new little bicycle that came about a week ago.  He managed to ride it almost immediately and loved it so much.  He was riding it everywhere.  He was trying to drift the bicycle like Crispin.  That's when you make the bike skid and it makes lots of dust in a circle.  Here is a picture of Crispin doing a drift on the bike.
Crispin doing a drift on the bike

Mom and Pippa say we mustn’t worry he won’t cry for us too much, and that he loves his aunty very much. But I am not sure if you can really love an aunty like you can love your brothers. My heart tells me that there’s no way. But for poor Similo’s sake, I must say I hope they are telling the truth because I know if it was me it would break my heart to lose my family and go and live with some aunty in Soweto. With no brothers ... just 6 sisters! I get homesick just after a few days at a camp. How will Similo feel if it is forever. Sometimes I don’t understand grown ups. I don’t understand that word, COMPLICATED. What does that mean, actually? I think it’s just word adults use when they’ve done something that’s not fair.

Well, we are going to say goodbye now.  We wanted to do a Family Focus of Christian today, but Mom says the post is too long because JESSE TALKS TOO MUCH!  LOL!  So bye for now everybody and see you all again one of these days.

Oh yes, Travaughna I wanted to tell you that my Christmas  present did come.  Thank you very very much.  It was just a week later than Kierans.  I was so happy and relievd when I got it because I was sad when I thought you forgot about me ...LOL ... but now I'm happy.
God bless you all and see you all again!  LOVE YOOOOO!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


 I really do feel ashamed of myself. And so does Kieran. Yes! So do I!

It seems like a year ago that we did our Slobberdog blog. There were so many things that got in the way. And you know when you stop doing something, then you get out of the habit. Yes, and then after a while you don’t even remember HOW you did it anymore. You don’t know how to work your brain to think up the stories anymore. I know. It’s just weird like after a while you don’t even FEEL like doing it anymore. You get kind of lazy. Your whole brain goes floppy and doesn’t want to do it anymore. Like the writers always say it’s called writers block. Yes, that’s what it’s like. Like a great big block in the head. No blood flowing anymore.

Okay, that’s enough now, Jesse. Are you going to start?

Kieran and Hannah

Yes! Well about a week ago I went with Hannah Dobson and Kieran to the Glen. It was so fun. We were so excited to be with her again. We haven’t seen her in a very long time. So I was very happy. Me and Kieran were very polite to the waiters and Hannah said we had such good manners. (She did!) Yes she really did hey. She even said that to Mommy. And Mommy just smiled and said “Oh you good boys. I am so proud!” LOL! LOL!

I will never forget that day.

So now it’s my chance.
Hey everyone! I am very sorry that we couldn’t write. Please come back to us. I don’t want to go down in history as having the worst blog ever. You know like ... it’s such a shameful thing. Like ... yes it’s like committing blog suicide. Imagine! I wonder how many blog suicides there have been in this world. Must be a trillion. It’s so very bad nobody ever talks about blog suicide. People are just too embarrassed to talk about it.  It like brings shame on the whole family.  Kieran ... GROW UP!

Okay, okay! Becky you are the best! And Mairi you still haven’t sent me that picture of me and you. Travaughna, THANK YOU for the T-shirt and the pictures and the sweets. Mom took a photo. We will put it up now-now. It’s a bit big, but it is so nice. (It’s just that you forgot JESSE!) :-)  But I’m not saying that in a mean way!  It's just that it's true ... YOU FORGOT J-E-S-S-E!

Thank you Travaughna!

Okay, Hello Ceri. I wanted to tell you that Harry Potter 7 is coming out on DVD on the 12th April. Isn’t that awesome? My brother just pushed in front of me in getting it! But I don’t mind, he can get it.

Oh, ya! I went to Gold Reef City. Ben and I went with Christian and Heidi. Oh my goodness! It was SO awesome. Except every single time I wanted to go on a scary ride, I heard the voice of my mother in my head saying “Don’t go on there!” And then I don’t want to go and I only went on about 2 rides because the other rides were too scary.

That’s so weird, because when I was just a little kid ... like about 4 or 5 years old I always went on all the scary rides when my Mom didn’t know. She was always cross with me when I got home and showed her the photo’s of me on those big rides. And she was cross with the people who took me. She would point her finger at them and say ‘YOU - WILL – NEVER – EVER – TAKE – HIM – ANYWHERE – AGAIN – DO – YOU – HEAR – ME? BECAUSE - I – CANNOT – TRUST - YOU!” And she would shake her finger very hard between every word. But now ... now that I am big ... I am terrified of going on most of the rides. I just keep thinking ... what if my heart stops? What will Mom do without me? She will be so sad. I just can’t do it. God won’t let me.



Mighty is Pippa’s 3rd heart-kid. He turned 8 in October and is in Grade 2. Pippa loves him so much, and he is really nice little guy. We all love him. He’s just got one of those kind of nice ways about him that makes everybody love him. We all think he’s a lovely boy. He always smiles about everything and that’s amazing because he has a few things wrong with him, and he has to take just about a bucket full of medicine every day. No man Jesse that’s not true. You’ll make people think he’s a freak! Ah well okay then, maybe just a cup of medicine. A cup of tablets is bad enough, right? Anyway, it’s not the kind of medicine that Paul has to take. Paul has to take medicine because when he doesn’t he wants to kill people. LOL!  But Mighty ... well, he’s just got body problems and his body gets sick when he doesn’t take the medicines.

Mighty’s Mom and Dad are still alive and they visit him sometimes with his bigger brother. His bigger brother is in another orphanage, near to where his parents stay. But his parents are also very sick, so they told Pippa she can adopt Mighty and Pippa was so happy because she loved Mighty since he was a baby and she always thought he was very special.

I think Might’s a clever boy. I really do.  Now he has a teacher who really likes him he is going to be clever like his big brother, Matthew. Sometimes people at school say he smells. But shame man, that’s only because there’s something wrong with his ears and they leak all the time.

It breaks Pippa’s heart and once I even heard her talking to Mom and she was crying about it. She thinks maybe that’s why some of the kids don’t like him. He takes a little packet of ear buds and some medicine made of Tea Tree stuff to school every day and then he goes to the bathroom every now and then to clean them. There’s nothing the doctors can do. Ah shame man. Poor Mighty. I hope they find a cure for that one of these days. I love him ... he’s really cool.
Our birthday is coming up in two months. And then our blog will be one year old! We will be 12. TWELVE! How cool is that? But it will be nicer to be 13. Then we’ll belong to the brotherhood. Except we don’t think there’s going to be a brotherhood anymore. Don’t say that Kieran. Well, that’s what Mom and Pippa said, anyway. They didn’t mean it. Don’t talk about it. It was just because of the money. But it will be fine. You’ll see.

Okay, well anyway, one day I am going to get a guitar and drums. They are so cool. I'll have a real band!  But it’s too much money for now, so that’s why I am saving up and then my Mom will take me to the shops and I will get them. Also, I am getting an harmonica. Is that AN harmonica or A harmonica? Not sure.

Guess what, everybody? We got a new Polo. (CAR - not peppermint)  It looks much better than the other one because the other one is full of Reuel’s junk. Because the Saints leave their breakfast bowls and things in the car because they have to leave home early for school – like before 6 - and don’t have time to eat their breakfast before they leave. The new Polo is a lovely car and is so nice and relaxing. Pippa loves it. She wants it to be her car. She said ... this is what she said: “Pippa’s Polo! Doesn’t it have a nice ring to it?” Mom just laughed. Pippa never gets to keep anything. Specially cars. In no time it becomes everybody’s car.

Pippa with her new car

The other sad thing is that Christian and Heidi left. I was so sad I wanted to cry. But I didn’t. I was very brave. But I felt very sad inside. Well, I really did cry. Like Waaaahh! The way a baby cries. Like real tears.  And Heidi cried too!

Wait now.  Wait.  I have to say something.

Something bad is happening in Japan.  And we are all going to die ... Aaaaah! The world’s going to end. Aaaaah! Slobberdog is sitting on my legs.  Kieran you’re nuts.  Don't be silly about this.  It's very serious.

There was a Tsunami on Friday. There was a big earthquake and that’s what made the Tsunami come. I feel very sad for the people who lost their homes and some people lost their families and some parents lost their kids and some kids lost their families.  Lost!  Lost!  Lost!  I hope they all find each other again. But nah ... I don’t think they will, hey!  All that sssstuffff. That rubbish ... all on top of everything. Cars, boats, trains, houses, rubbish. Ugh! No. You couldn’t. I don’t think so. You couldn’t find somebody every again if you see all that stuff. I hope Japan doesn’t have any more bad things happening to that country. Not ever again. Enough is enough. That’s what I say.
Pray for Japan everyone. Actually, we should pray for every country in the world.

I think this would be a good prayer: Come on everybody, say this good prayer with me:

God our Father please help all the people in the world who have no real homes to live in.

People who have to leave their homes, families and friends.

Who have to live in tents or shelters.

May they soon have new homes and friends who care about them.

Please comfort them and make them feel safe again.

Father we think of the people who have no homes right now.

May they find a shelter from the storm. I think it’s cold there right now.

We hold them in our hearts Lord and lift them up to you.

That was so cool, Jesse. Say another one.


Dear Jesus,

Thank you for all the men and women who risk their lives to rescue people when they are in danger. They sail lifeboats and fly helicopters and make dangerous journeys to try and make people safe again. Please help them to do their jobs well.

Thank you dear Jesus for hospitals and for the doctors and nurses who work there. Thank you for the skills and knowledge they use to help make people better and keep them healthy. Amen.

I am enjoying home-school very much. We even do exams. Like REAL exams. We have to dress smart and we go down to the office and it’s got to be quiet and then we do real exams.

Guess what ... I now have my own e-mail. But I am not allowed to tell the whole world my address. Because what if someone actually acts like they are someone else and tries to find me?  Evil child traffickers. Grrr. Better not come near me! I was so happy that I got that e-mail you sent me Becky. It was so lovely and I told everybody what you told me to say to them. They all smiled they were so happy.

My Mom told me she wants to change my name to ANTHONY.  (She was joking). Because there is a saint called St. Anthony and he is like my saint because every single time something is lost in the house, they ask me to come and help. And then I ask St. Anthony to help me, and then I ALWAYS find the stuff. But my Mom says she will never EVER change my name because Kieran is the most beautiful name in the whole wide world!

One day I am going to teach kids how to read. I am such a good reader. And guess what? I have a lot of gifts and no-one can take my gift away from me. Plus now that I am at home-school I am learning Afrikaans. And my teacher, Nicholas is teaching me so well, that I can actually speak Afrikaans now. I can say ... Hoe gaan dit met jou? Wat is jou naam and in answer I can say, My naam is Kieran. I can say lots of stuff already. Nicholas is a great teacher.  (But I still miss Heidi and Christian!)

Plus, I also have another teacher.  He is so cool.  His name is GEORGE!  Imagine, having a teacher called GEORGE!  We don't have a picture of him right now.  I will get one for next time.

Nicholas and Kieran

And I wanted to tell you something about Slobberdog, hey! You see one day he was lying on the floor in the dining room, just under Nicholas’ feet. Mom and a few of us were sitting in Mom’s bedroom and we were just chilling and chatting. Then Dominique came running in and said:  “Mom! Mom! Come quickly. Slobberdog is bleeding to death!” We all went quiet and just stared at her. Mom said ... “No man!” Then Dominique said. “Yes, Mom! Really! Come and see. Quickly. Quickly.” Then Mom got up quickly and said to Dominique. “You better not be joking with me Scallywag.” LOL! MOM sometimes calls us scallywags!

We were all trying to hurry behind Mom. Hopping and skipping and pushing and bunching. Because we were all in a hurry and we all wanted to see what’s going on. When we got to Slobberdog all our heads bent over him. He seemed to be fast asleep. And then we all saw it! A great, big puddle of blood on the floor by his belly, and it was squirting out of a hole in his tummy.

We thought of carrying him to the car but he is so very huge and heavy. And anyway, he didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong and he didn’t hurt or anything. So I rushed to the fridge and got a piece of polony and brought it to Mom. She shoved it under his nose and he was up like a shot. She ran to the car, and I ran to her bedroom and grabbed her car keys and handbag and took them to her. By the time I got to the car Slobber was already sitting proudly on the back seat. (He LOVES going in the car) But there was blood EVERYWHERE!

Mom drove off in a cloud of dust. We were all scared. We couldn’t imagine life without Slobberdog and we really thought he could be bleeding to death. So we got all quiet. We were sitting by the driveway. Just walking around in circles.  Kicking stones and stuff.

Then Tommy said:  “Jesse ... pray for us.”

Yeah, and then I said ... “Good idea, close your eyes guys.”

Yes, then we all closed our eyes. And Jesse prayed so loud I got a big fright! He just yelled that prayer out. I think even God got a fright. I think if he was having a snooze he would have nearly fallen off his throne! LOL! Stop that Kieran! You’re so disrespectful sometimes. Geez Louise!

So I just prayed and I was so worried, that’s why my prayer was really loud. I always get louder when I'm scared or worried.  So I said:

“Oh Father! Oh Father! Help Slobberdog Father! St. Francis you were the saint who loved all animals so much that even the birds sat on your shoulders when you prayed. St. Francis join me while I pray and ask our heavenly Father not to let Slobberdog die, but that he gets healed and comes home with Mommy again. Please Father God hear our prayer. Please, please Jesus! Lord please have mercy on our dog.” That was how I prayed. I prayed with all my heart.

Then we waited and waited till Mommy’s car came in the gate. We all ran up to the gate and she drove past us up to the house. We were very sad. We didn’t see Slobberdog on the backseat this time. We thought ... oh no. Slobberdog is gone. Like Gandalf. Just like Gandalf. And Iceman. And Tequilla. And Maria. All dead and gone. And I really felt like crying.

But then Mom got out of the car she was SMILING! And we knew that God answered our prayers. Then she said.  "That hole where the blood was shooting out from was a tumour. He has quite a few. So Dr. Shear is keeping him for the night and is cutting out all those tumours and he can come home tomorrow.” We were all dancing, and hugging each other, and singing. And I was just saying “Thank you God! Thank you God! Thank you God!”  Because I knew that nobody else could have helped our lovely Slobberdog, except God.  I love God so much!

Gee ... so do I!

I love all of you. And plus, pray for Japan. Don’t forget ... well, actually, pray for the whole world! AMEN and goodbye. Love you and lots of kisses.

And by from Kieran too ... till next time!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hello all our Blogfriends!

School started last Wednesday which was the 12th January. When we all woke up in the morning it was like a war zone here at TLC.  Everybody running in different directions getting ready for school.  Making breakfast, brushing teeth.  And then finally we were all ship shape and ready for school.  Here are some picture of some of us.

Here is Crispin in his Parktown Boys' High uniform.  It was a very big day for him.  The first day of high school.  He was so excited about going to Parktown.  Mom was a little sad, because she wanted him to go to St. David's.  But even she had to admit that he looked like a king in that royal looking uniform! 

Here is Benjamin.  We were all rather jealous hey.  He gets to stay at home with Kieran.  No uniform for him right now.  Maybe later when P and Mom find a school that is good for him.  So he can chill in normal clothes and wake up after we have all gone off to school already.  Geez Louise!

Brendon is going back to Randeor.  He doesn't have a real fancy uniform, but he loves his school anyway and the hairdo is great, don't you think?

Here is Murphy.  She is just going back to Aloe Ridge this year.  She's glad about that.  Murphy never makes a fuss about stuff.  Now she is the only Jarvis sister left at Aloe Ridge because Amy, Dominique, Theresa and Khensi are all in other schools.

Here we all are, getting our 'pad kos' ready for school.  Mom was snapping away with the camera.  I am so glad she did because these are going to make great memories for when I am an old man!

Here are my two beautiful sisters, Zoe and Dominique.  Zoe is our bus driver.  Dominique is going back to Frances Vorwerg.  She is so happy about that.  She will be getting a new teacher and goes to Grade 5.

Becky Johnson who helped us all get our lunches and sarmies ready.  Mom says she was a lifesaver.

Here is Teacher Sue helping to get the sandwiches out.  Always smiling Teacher Sue.  We thought that smile was because the house was going to be nice and quiet again.

There was no doubt at all.  Theresa was going to St. Katharines and she was the proudest of us all.  Just look how smart she looks in that uniform.  She really did look very nice.

And SLUMBERDOG!  He just snoozed through all the excitement.  Mommy kept telling him to go out for a wee, but he just refused and lay there with his nose in the blanket ... watching everything with those sly eyes of his.  And then every now and then he would slumber off again.

And then Mom put on her "silly" voice and he groaned.  Then he lumbered up with more groaning and started to walk to the door.  But then he sat down just before he got to the door and sat there looking at Mom and kind of teasing her and wearing a pathetic face.  So she went up to him and said ... "Hey dog ... do you want a tickle, hey?  Do you?  Do you?"  And she made as if she was going to tickle him.   She squiggled her fingers all over him as if she was already tickling.   And old Slobberdog rolled over and started to giggle.  It was hilarious!

It was so fun seeing all my friends again. I like my new teacher, Ms. Pearson. They say she has the best handwriting in the whole school. But my favourite teacher of all is Ms. O’Donahue. My friends were so happy to see me that they jumped on me.

About a week ago, Becky Johnson took me and my brother, Kieran and some other kids to the movies to see Gulliver. It’s about a man who’s going on this journey to this place but he gets stuck in a storm. He lands up in this city of small people. I thought it was a very funny movie. Becky Johson said I always complained. Eeeaar ... I think maybe she was right! But it was really fun going with her and I enjoyed it a lot.

Dear People,

I can’t wait till I leave on the 5th February because I am going to Pretoria. I think that is going to be so awesome. I am going there for an open day with a lot of other homeschoolers.

Heidi and Christian who help to teach us

Homeschool is going great. I’m doing just fine. Heidi and Christian are helping us every day. And plus, Richard also helps us when Heidi and Christian have to have their day off. I do my work on the computer. I put in the CD and it has all these lessons on them. Right now I am doing a story of the Titanic and that’s a good thing. I am enjoying it. Plus, I am doing a project about earth. That is very interesting too. I am also learning to do a map thing with a compass. That is really interesting. Christian and Heidi are going to take me somewhere. We are going to do something interesting with the compass.

I am not homeschooling on my own like I thought. Ben is homeschooling with me. And Ellen is also homesechooling with me. But she is doing hard work because she wants to do her matric. But me and Ben are doing the same grade.  Grade 4.

Living on a farm is such fun!
  I thought maybe you would like to know what it is like to live on a farm.  Because not too many people live on a farm.  Well, living on a farm feels awesome. There are wide open spaces. You can see the animals and play with the small animals like the guinea pigs. There is a soccer field and a trampoline. There’s a fun jungle gym. When you are brave like me you can do somersaults on it. It’s so cool!
The farm has wide open spaces
The best thing about living on the farm is that we can have such a big family. Because if you are hurt, one of your brothers or sisters will come to help you. If you are feeling lonely, one of them will come to comfort you, so it will always be alright. The best thing about having a big family is because if someone is coming to hurt you or to attack you, then your whole family stands by your side to protect you. You never have to feel afraid when you have a family who loves you.

Those are the nice things ... but there are some things that are not so nice. Sometimes we run out of water and then we can’t bath in the mornings and that’s so gross. We have to go to school all smelly and untidy. When there is no water, we can’t flush the toilet and we have to bring buckets of water to flush. That’s gross and hard work. But when there’s no water, we can sometimes swim, if it is summertime, and we can get clean that way.

When I grow up, my future is going to be in drums. I really want to make my own band. Did you like the Slobberdog Band? Well, that was just us kidding around, but I want to make a band for real. I don’t want to be a reader or writer anymore. I know my Mom feels quite sad about that right now, but that’s my love. My love is drums.

I want to say hello to my sister, Pippa who is in Holland right now. I hope she has a great time and I hope she survives the cold weather ... We have not heard from her since she left but we know that she is very busy and doing important work. Mom says they will be taking very good care of her over there.

Our dog, called Electra, got spat in the eye by a Rinkals snake. Shame! She was in a very sore and half blind. Zoё saved her. She rushed her to the vet. They gave her injections and the flushed out her eyes with medicine. She was there for two days. The flushed and flushed until her eyes were fixed. It happened on Saturday. I thought she was going to die because she was so sick. We all prayed and asked God to help poor Electra. Then God answered our prayers and she came home. But then a very strange thing happened. All our other dogs tried to attack her when she got out of the car. So she ran to the duck pond by the willow tree and was hiding there. She was very scared. Then Dominique and me and Jesse and a bunch of other brothers came and we protected Electra and made whips out of the willow tree branches and whipped the dogs that were trying to fight with her. Then they went away and left her alone.

And I wanted to say this one important thing! HELLO MAIRI!! I am missing you so much. It feels just like yesterday that you were here with us. We had so much fun with you and the pizza was delicious. Thanks for taking us out and making our holidays so cool. We all love you Mairi!
Pippa left on Wednesday and has gone to Holland and then to Germany and then to England. We miss her a lot already. I was so sad when she left. But we know she had to go and she will be back one of these days. She was very tired when she left because she worked so hard. I hope they are kind to her over there. I am not sure what Holland and Germany are like. But I know when she gets to England Hannah and Lucy and Hannah Clarke and everybody will look after her very well because they do love her a lot. She has to have important meetings over there so she is not just going for fun. WE ALL LOVE YOU P!
In July Harry Potter Part 2 is coming to the movies. Yeah! I am so excited. This film is better than all the other ones I think. I hope it is as exciting as they say it is. Expeliamus! LOL ... LOL!

Then the other thing I wanted to tell you was that half my family have started going to gym! Even my Mom and she loves it so much. That’s funny hey? She can’t wait to go when it is her gym day. And she gets a bit sad when she can’t go because important things are happening here. The whole Jones family are also going. They are so lucky. But because our family is so very big, Mom said we could only join when we turn 13. Because she says us younger ones get up to too much mischief. I don’t actually think that is very fair because she blames us all even though some of us are good most of the time. But anyway, I only have one more birthday to go and I will be 13.

We wanted to upload some more pictures, but Blogger is having a problem so we will just send the blog like this because it is taking too long.

We love you all
see you soon