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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hello Everybody!

I want to talk about Easter today. Easter is coming up and it is the day when Jesus was crucified, died and was buried and on then on the third day he went to hell and after he freed all the people down there, (especially Judas, Adam and Eve and all the people who had sinned against him - that's why they were in hell - but they repented when they saw him). Then after that he ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of God of the Father.

My family and I are going to eat Hot Cross Buns to remember the cross that Jesus died on. Plus when we finished our Hot Cross Buns we go on our Easter Egg Hunt. We find them everywhere, all over the farm.

Our birthday’s coming up. We are turning 12 years old. We are very old! LOL!

And we watched this South African movie called LAUGH OUT LOUD ... that stands for LOL. That thing was so funny. It said that Aliens were going to come with a space ship ... and they were talking to this guy from the programme Carte Blanche ... I think his name is Bongani ... he is very serious and does serious programme. And he really believed these people who played the trick about the Aliens on him.  It was very funny and we all laughed a lot.

Hannah said that Jesse was so lovely and she wished she could take him out every single day.  She would have to take him to England in that case.  LOL!

And plus, what I wanted to tell you was that Jesse and I thought of a great new name for Slobberdog blog ... what about BLOGGER-SLOB!  LOL!  That's too funny for words!

Look at these pictures - they are so funny too ... Can you guess what this is?

Is it a hippopotumus?  Is it a shlurping giant octopus with teeth?


IT'S ....


Hello Everybody,  this is Jesse speaking!

I want to talk about going camping with my brothers, Erin, Carlton and me. It was a special camp.  Our friend, Fiona paid for us to go.  At first I thought it was going to be boring. But when I got there, I immediately made so many friends. Afrikaans, English, Zulu, Coloured. It was cool and we had a lot of fun. I am going to show you some pictures now:

First of all I want to tell you about the Snake Pit. It was muddy! Disgusting! We went through this tunnel and my friend, Daniel, threw pit mud (snake poo) in my eye. I was crying. Tear rolling down my cheeks. I went to the bathroom. Had to go back and start all over again. Got to where the Bumblebees were (that was my group). We went over the crocodile river with a rope (like George of the Jungle ... Aaaahwooooo!) Finally we got to the maze. I had no shoes on so I got pricked by thorns. Like those thick long thorns that they put on Jesus’ head! But I still carried on. Until we got the end, had a group ‘photo, showered, ate lunch and then we went to play some games.

This is me going through the Snake Pit
 We also did archery the next day. I confessed to my group. I said I have a confession to make. I am not good at archery. LOL. They said ... “Aaaah. It’s okay Jess.” I only shot two arrow onto the board and all the others missed completely. And I was competing with my friend, Daniel. I said “If I get all my arrows in, you have to give me an ice cream from the tuck shop.” And he said, “But if I win, YOU have to buy me biltong from the tuck shop.” And he won. So I had to buy him biltong which is a lot more expensive than ice cream. The worst part was that he I had to watch him eat that delicious biltong, which I paid for, and he did not even share one piece with me! So I called him a selfish old pig!  Maybe that was a bit rude, hey?

The next interesting thing we did was the low rope walking. If we got to the end, you would become an angel! What I mean by angel is you get to help the other people going on the rope because some of them were wiggly and scared. And I managed to become an angel without any help. It was a cool part. I helped many people, specially my friend, Kgosi. His legs were shaking and I had to help him. And eventually, my whole group became angels. And then we did our motto ... ‘BUMBLE BEES.’ And then at the end a real bumble bee came to me and I said “Guys, I am really scared of bees.” and so I ran away.

Then there was the snake. I think there was only one. But there were lots of animals. On the day we had the snake thing, I was having a nap.  I was so tired from all the stuff we were doing!  But then Graeme woke me up. He said “Jesse, come and have a photo with the snake. If you don’t you won’t get tuck shop.” So I ran and I was really scared because actually I don’t like snakes. I don’t even like our own snakes. But I conquered my fear and I managed to take a picture with the snake and it was cool.


On the last day we had to do a dorm inspection and after the dorm inspection which was good, Graeme took a picture of our whole cabin crew and it was cool because it is a special picture for me to look at and to remember my friends at Camp Nelu.

Tne last thing about roses and thorns. We had to say our things, mine, Carlton’s and Erins. Erin’s rose was coming here (to Camp Nelu). And his thorn was nothing. (wierd). Carlton’s rose was being a part of the Scorpions (which was his group). And his thorn was the snake pit. My thorn was us coming second because the Scorpions won and the Bumble Bees came second. And my rose was going home. And all the people were staring at me going ... “That’s not a nice thing!” But I just said ... “I wanna go home. I am very homesick.  And I miss my Mom!” And then all of them started saying ... “Me too! Me too! I wanna go home too!”

A few days ago we wanted to start our blog. We were thinking about what we should tell, and then Mom said let’s go and take some nice pictures of you guys with the new goats and calves. So we were very excited to do that and I went to put my shoes on, but Jesse said ... “No, no. I don’t need shoes!” And he wouldn’t put his shoes on.

But first of all I should tell you that I was the one who went to Bloemfontein with Rhys to go and get the big Daddy Goat. I call him Billy Goat Gruff because he is so big ... just like the big billy goat gruff story. But his real name is Zeus.  He is big, white and has a long white beard.

So we went outside. It was a lovely day. And first we tried to get near to the goats, but they just ran away. Then we tried to get near to the little calves, but they also ran away. Mom was saying, “Go quietly. Don’t run. Don’t yell!” But even so we couldn’t get near to them.

I got near enough to the nanny goats and the calves for Mom to snap a picture

Then Jesse went running off and he chased all of them into the veld piece where there are lots of black jacks. Black jacks are horribly thorny things that stick all over your clothes. Because Jesse didn’t have shoes on, they got in his feet and he was yelling for help. H got stuck there and he couldn’t move. He was just standing there looking pathetic.
Jesse in the black jacks looking pathetic
Jesse kept yelling!  "Kieran come and help me.  My feet are full of thorns.  Please come and help get me out of here Kieran or I will die here!"  I said  "You should have worn shoes you moegoe!"  But I did go and save him because he is my brother.  But it was hard work, him hanging on my shoulders through all those blackjacks.  But we kind of helped each other through.


But then just before we got all the way back, Jesse just gave an evil laugh and pulled away from me and left me right there in the black jacks.  So Mom had to come and give me a hand because I was all tied up in the black jacks.  What a mean, ungrateful brother!

Jesse just pulled away from me and ran off!
 We gave up on the goats and the calves because they were so fast and we really couldn’t get them to stop, and be nice so that we could take a lovely picture with all of them!
Then we walked past the sheep pen and the three sheep were standing there. They had been watching us chasing the goats and the calves and when I looked at them I thought that they were smiling at us. So Mom said, to Jesse ... “Well, because you didn’t manage to get a nice picture with the goats and the calves, why don’t we try all these old sheep. They know us because they are very old.” So Jesse said, “Good idea” and he jumped over the fence and the sheep nearly had a heart attack and started running away from him. Jesse kept yelling “Kieran, come and help me, man! Please man. Come and help me. It will be easier if there are two of us.” But I said no, because I was still cross because he left me after I helped him out of the blackjacks. And then he just ran off.
The old sheep  were smiling at us

The sheep were much too clever and fast for Jesse. They just ran around the sheep-pen in circles until Jesse was exhausted and he said ... Let’s take pictures of the guinea pigs rather!
The Old Sheep were much to quick for Jesse

I once rode on a sheep before. I really did. Nobody believes me because nobody took a picture, but I did. I promise! I acted like the sheep was a horse. I kicked it softly in the tummy and said ... "come on lets go!" ... and off it went. And we went. And I went Weehaa with a little stick. But I didn’t whip it. I’m serious but Mom says I’m fibbing. I’m going to show her after this ... hahahahaha!  I can't keep a straight face ... I just can't!

After Jesse came out of the sheep pen Crispin came to us on the bike. He said ... “What are you guys doing? Why are you chasing all the animals?” Jesse said that we wanted to take some nice pictures of us with the new baby animals. Crispin said ... but the old sheep are not baby animals. So Jesse said ... yes but we didn’t get any nice pictures with the baby animals, so we tried the old animals.  Then Crispin said it wasn’t so good for animals when they get chased. They get stressed.  We should stop. So we just walked off.

See that tree behind Crispin?  That tree is dead.  It died because once we had the pig-pen there and the pigs rubbed the bottom of the tree very hard and it made the tree die.
Crispin came along on the bike
Yes and Mom wants Rhys to cut that tree down because one day she saw some colourful stuff in that tree and when she looked properly she saw it was the lions!  (The big toddlers).  She was terrified because there were no men at home and no big kids.  So then Joanna came and she had to climb up the tree and bring them down, one by one. 

But wait! I wanted to tell you something really cool about Crispin, hey! You see he wanted to go to Joshua and Reuel’s school, St. Davids, really, really badly, hey.  But they wouldn’t take him because they said his work was not up to their standard. Mom was very sad about that. She wanted us all to go there because it’s a Catholic school and she thought that it would be very good for us boys.  She even cried for a while until Rhys got Crispin into Parktown Boys’ High School. Then she wiped her tears away and said ... well, she will have to start becoming a fan of Parktown’s now, because we are probably all going to go there from now on when the time comes for us to go to High School.

But Crispin wasn’t sad. Not at all. Because Rhys went to Parktown Boys’ High and so even though Crispin wanted to go to St. David’s at first, when they said that about him not being good enough, he thought it was a bit rude and he said he never wanted to go there now and he thinks Parktown is the best school in the whole, wide world.

Crispin is very, very good at rugby. And before he started at Parktown, he said to us one day, when all us boys were sitting in the kitchen, he said this: “I just want the chance to beat the hell out of St. David’s on the rugby field. That will be my revenge.” We all laughed. Even Mommy. She said ... “You go get’em my boy!”

So last week Crispin’s team played against St. David’s. And Crispin’s words came true. He did beat the hell out of them. They beat them 50-7!! How do you like that! He said he felt God’s power racing through him when he ran onto the rugby field. He said he knew he was going to beat them and he was on a mission. He says when those guys came towards him he tackled with no fear. He picked them up like little puppies and chucked them off the field.

Our Big BRO Crispin - On the Rugby Field at Parktown
Every time he saw his coach smiling and smiling on the side – and clapping. Imagine! Having your COACH clap you. Like you are David Beckham or somebody. That’s so cool. We are so proud of Crispin. He is not usually a fighter but he puts all his fighting spirit into his rugby. But it is a bit hard when two of your brothers are still at St. David’s.  It’s kind of awkward. But we have to cheer for Crispin now, because we know we will all be going to Parktown from now on. But when St. David’s plays another school that’s not Parktown I think we will cheer for them. After all, Joshua and Reuel are our brothers too. But Joshua and Reuel will only be at St. Davids this year and next year, so after that we can all do as we please. That’s all I have to say about that.

Well, I am still on my farm story. Then we went to the guinea-pig pen. We wanted to take pictures of the new baby guinea pigs. There is a cute one that Mom likes and she called it “Ginger”. There are lots of guinea pigs now. We wanted to catch a couple so that we could take pictures of us with them, but they just ran away as well. Dominique is very good at catching the guinea pigs, but we aren’t. So after chasing them around for about a half an hour, we just gave up and Mom took a picture of us with Dominique’s sign that says “Have a Happy Gini Pig!” Sign. (She doesn’t know how to spell Guinea – she is in a special school). Then we started going home.

In the Guinea Pig Pen
It was the saddest day on Friday. Similo and Nadia had to go to their aunty’s house forever. We all said goodbye to Similo and Nadia that morning and Similo took it like a man. He did not cry. I sent a letter to him saying “Have fun. And see you on your birthday." Because we hope we are going to see him on his birthday.

Similo following Crispin on the new little bike
He wanted Crispin to teach him to drift but he
had to learn to ride first.

But I don’t like it when our little brothers have to go. It makes me feel sick inside. It’s not like the babies who are happy to go to their new families. Similo is big already, like 5 or 6 and he knows us well and loves us and he’s really like one of our little brothers and we are like his big brothers.  I feel so sad when I see the new little bicycle that came about a week ago.  He managed to ride it almost immediately and loved it so much.  He was riding it everywhere.  He was trying to drift the bicycle like Crispin.  That's when you make the bike skid and it makes lots of dust in a circle.  Here is a picture of Crispin doing a drift on the bike.
Crispin doing a drift on the bike

Mom and Pippa say we mustn’t worry he won’t cry for us too much, and that he loves his aunty very much. But I am not sure if you can really love an aunty like you can love your brothers. My heart tells me that there’s no way. But for poor Similo’s sake, I must say I hope they are telling the truth because I know if it was me it would break my heart to lose my family and go and live with some aunty in Soweto. With no brothers ... just 6 sisters! I get homesick just after a few days at a camp. How will Similo feel if it is forever. Sometimes I don’t understand grown ups. I don’t understand that word, COMPLICATED. What does that mean, actually? I think it’s just word adults use when they’ve done something that’s not fair.

Well, we are going to say goodbye now.  We wanted to do a Family Focus of Christian today, but Mom says the post is too long because JESSE TALKS TOO MUCH!  LOL!  So bye for now everybody and see you all again one of these days.

Oh yes, Travaughna I wanted to tell you that my Christmas  present did come.  Thank you very very much.  It was just a week later than Kierans.  I was so happy and relievd when I got it because I was sad when I thought you forgot about me ...LOL ... but now I'm happy.
God bless you all and see you all again!  LOVE YOOOOO!


  1. Thanks guys for your very blog again, I don't like snakes either, so you were very brave even attempting to touch it. Would you believe I still can't get the Pilgrims Progress, dvd, think I will need to go to tlc to see it!! It must be fun having all these animals, you only talk about slobber dog, you must have other dogs as well. I understand what you mean Jesse when you say you don't understand 'complicated' we grown ups say this as an escape when we don't really know what to say, life does get 'complicated!!' ha,ha, great 'talking to you boys, have a really lovely Easter & God Bless you both you are very special boys

    Anne sxxxx

  2. Thank you boys for keeping us up to date ... love the goats and if you want to know a secret... take something tasty like apples or carrots out and thy will come uupto you and not leave you alone!
    much much love

  3. I love to read your stories, they are always written in a very funny and cheeky way, keep on writing and informing us about life a TLC!! And to Cripin, you big bro: wow, I have to show Lenny - our son - the drift, he has a very small little BMX-bike an tries to do these tricks as well.

  4. What a great blog, boys. I found you by accident and what a gift I found! I have read the whole thing from beginning to end over the weekend. Thank you for a great work. You are so amazing. You are so lucky to have such an amazing family. I will keep my eye on you.

  5. I love the stories boys! Keep up the good work! Miss you all!