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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hello all our Blogfriends!

School started last Wednesday which was the 12th January. When we all woke up in the morning it was like a war zone here at TLC.  Everybody running in different directions getting ready for school.  Making breakfast, brushing teeth.  And then finally we were all ship shape and ready for school.  Here are some picture of some of us.

Here is Crispin in his Parktown Boys' High uniform.  It was a very big day for him.  The first day of high school.  He was so excited about going to Parktown.  Mom was a little sad, because she wanted him to go to St. David's.  But even she had to admit that he looked like a king in that royal looking uniform! 

Here is Benjamin.  We were all rather jealous hey.  He gets to stay at home with Kieran.  No uniform for him right now.  Maybe later when P and Mom find a school that is good for him.  So he can chill in normal clothes and wake up after we have all gone off to school already.  Geez Louise!

Brendon is going back to Randeor.  He doesn't have a real fancy uniform, but he loves his school anyway and the hairdo is great, don't you think?

Here is Murphy.  She is just going back to Aloe Ridge this year.  She's glad about that.  Murphy never makes a fuss about stuff.  Now she is the only Jarvis sister left at Aloe Ridge because Amy, Dominique, Theresa and Khensi are all in other schools.

Here we all are, getting our 'pad kos' ready for school.  Mom was snapping away with the camera.  I am so glad she did because these are going to make great memories for when I am an old man!

Here are my two beautiful sisters, Zoe and Dominique.  Zoe is our bus driver.  Dominique is going back to Frances Vorwerg.  She is so happy about that.  She will be getting a new teacher and goes to Grade 5.

Becky Johnson who helped us all get our lunches and sarmies ready.  Mom says she was a lifesaver.

Here is Teacher Sue helping to get the sandwiches out.  Always smiling Teacher Sue.  We thought that smile was because the house was going to be nice and quiet again.

There was no doubt at all.  Theresa was going to St. Katharines and she was the proudest of us all.  Just look how smart she looks in that uniform.  She really did look very nice.

And SLUMBERDOG!  He just snoozed through all the excitement.  Mommy kept telling him to go out for a wee, but he just refused and lay there with his nose in the blanket ... watching everything with those sly eyes of his.  And then every now and then he would slumber off again.

And then Mom put on her "silly" voice and he groaned.  Then he lumbered up with more groaning and started to walk to the door.  But then he sat down just before he got to the door and sat there looking at Mom and kind of teasing her and wearing a pathetic face.  So she went up to him and said ... "Hey dog ... do you want a tickle, hey?  Do you?  Do you?"  And she made as if she was going to tickle him.   She squiggled her fingers all over him as if she was already tickling.   And old Slobberdog rolled over and started to giggle.  It was hilarious!

It was so fun seeing all my friends again. I like my new teacher, Ms. Pearson. They say she has the best handwriting in the whole school. But my favourite teacher of all is Ms. O’Donahue. My friends were so happy to see me that they jumped on me.

About a week ago, Becky Johnson took me and my brother, Kieran and some other kids to the movies to see Gulliver. It’s about a man who’s going on this journey to this place but he gets stuck in a storm. He lands up in this city of small people. I thought it was a very funny movie. Becky Johson said I always complained. Eeeaar ... I think maybe she was right! But it was really fun going with her and I enjoyed it a lot.

Dear People,

I can’t wait till I leave on the 5th February because I am going to Pretoria. I think that is going to be so awesome. I am going there for an open day with a lot of other homeschoolers.

Heidi and Christian who help to teach us

Homeschool is going great. I’m doing just fine. Heidi and Christian are helping us every day. And plus, Richard also helps us when Heidi and Christian have to have their day off. I do my work on the computer. I put in the CD and it has all these lessons on them. Right now I am doing a story of the Titanic and that’s a good thing. I am enjoying it. Plus, I am doing a project about earth. That is very interesting too. I am also learning to do a map thing with a compass. That is really interesting. Christian and Heidi are going to take me somewhere. We are going to do something interesting with the compass.

I am not homeschooling on my own like I thought. Ben is homeschooling with me. And Ellen is also homesechooling with me. But she is doing hard work because she wants to do her matric. But me and Ben are doing the same grade.  Grade 4.

Living on a farm is such fun!
  I thought maybe you would like to know what it is like to live on a farm.  Because not too many people live on a farm.  Well, living on a farm feels awesome. There are wide open spaces. You can see the animals and play with the small animals like the guinea pigs. There is a soccer field and a trampoline. There’s a fun jungle gym. When you are brave like me you can do somersaults on it. It’s so cool!
The farm has wide open spaces
The best thing about living on the farm is that we can have such a big family. Because if you are hurt, one of your brothers or sisters will come to help you. If you are feeling lonely, one of them will come to comfort you, so it will always be alright. The best thing about having a big family is because if someone is coming to hurt you or to attack you, then your whole family stands by your side to protect you. You never have to feel afraid when you have a family who loves you.

Those are the nice things ... but there are some things that are not so nice. Sometimes we run out of water and then we can’t bath in the mornings and that’s so gross. We have to go to school all smelly and untidy. When there is no water, we can’t flush the toilet and we have to bring buckets of water to flush. That’s gross and hard work. But when there’s no water, we can sometimes swim, if it is summertime, and we can get clean that way.

When I grow up, my future is going to be in drums. I really want to make my own band. Did you like the Slobberdog Band? Well, that was just us kidding around, but I want to make a band for real. I don’t want to be a reader or writer anymore. I know my Mom feels quite sad about that right now, but that’s my love. My love is drums.

I want to say hello to my sister, Pippa who is in Holland right now. I hope she has a great time and I hope she survives the cold weather ... We have not heard from her since she left but we know that she is very busy and doing important work. Mom says they will be taking very good care of her over there.

Our dog, called Electra, got spat in the eye by a Rinkals snake. Shame! She was in a very sore and half blind. Zoё saved her. She rushed her to the vet. They gave her injections and the flushed out her eyes with medicine. She was there for two days. The flushed and flushed until her eyes were fixed. It happened on Saturday. I thought she was going to die because she was so sick. We all prayed and asked God to help poor Electra. Then God answered our prayers and she came home. But then a very strange thing happened. All our other dogs tried to attack her when she got out of the car. So she ran to the duck pond by the willow tree and was hiding there. She was very scared. Then Dominique and me and Jesse and a bunch of other brothers came and we protected Electra and made whips out of the willow tree branches and whipped the dogs that were trying to fight with her. Then they went away and left her alone.

And I wanted to say this one important thing! HELLO MAIRI!! I am missing you so much. It feels just like yesterday that you were here with us. We had so much fun with you and the pizza was delicious. Thanks for taking us out and making our holidays so cool. We all love you Mairi!
Pippa left on Wednesday and has gone to Holland and then to Germany and then to England. We miss her a lot already. I was so sad when she left. But we know she had to go and she will be back one of these days. She was very tired when she left because she worked so hard. I hope they are kind to her over there. I am not sure what Holland and Germany are like. But I know when she gets to England Hannah and Lucy and Hannah Clarke and everybody will look after her very well because they do love her a lot. She has to have important meetings over there so she is not just going for fun. WE ALL LOVE YOU P!
In July Harry Potter Part 2 is coming to the movies. Yeah! I am so excited. This film is better than all the other ones I think. I hope it is as exciting as they say it is. Expeliamus! LOL ... LOL!

Then the other thing I wanted to tell you was that half my family have started going to gym! Even my Mom and she loves it so much. That’s funny hey? She can’t wait to go when it is her gym day. And she gets a bit sad when she can’t go because important things are happening here. The whole Jones family are also going. They are so lucky. But because our family is so very big, Mom said we could only join when we turn 13. Because she says us younger ones get up to too much mischief. I don’t actually think that is very fair because she blames us all even though some of us are good most of the time. But anyway, I only have one more birthday to go and I will be 13.

We wanted to upload some more pictures, but Blogger is having a problem so we will just send the blog like this because it is taking too long.

We love you all
see you soon


  1. I am so glad you have finally sent us another blog... yay!
    we miss you all far too much when you wait so long and I always enjoy what you have to say.
    We had two meters of snow to play in... if we jumped into it you couldn't find us! the snow has shrunken half a meter this past week and I jog with the dogs on the packed trail or go with the horses through the deep powder. It is absolutely dreamlike and when I get cold I come into a warm home and drink a hot chocolate. I know you are swimming and enjoying the sun, when it is not raining ( Jedaiah and Bethany are in the Mexican sun right now)... I remember it well and will never forget you dear boys nor anyone else at TLC. Tell your mom I am so proud of her for going to the gym. That is so exciting! Have happy school days, hug my Shoshi and her kiddies when you see them <3
    All my love

  2. Wow thanks guys thanks for the new blog, it's brilliant! And you all looked very smart going off to school! Do you still look that smart every morning?! And poor electra, i hope that they are being nice to her now!
    I can't wait til Becky gets back home on Sunday i have missed her tons, but she tells me she has been having lots of fun with you guys and you've all been looking after her today when she was very sad, so i wanted to say a huge thanks to all of you!! Hope to see you all soon xxx

  3. lt's good knowing that you boys have grown so made my days at TLC l will always remember you.enjoy your schooling.